How to manage space in android device?

How to manage space in an Android device?

This is the question many of you might be looking for an answer to. If you do a Google search for “manage space in android” you will get thousands of search results including video tutorials and Google play apps.
People will advice you to download a third party software application to your mobile. There are thousands of nice applications on play store that you can install to manage space on your phone. Yes that works but I will give you a different solution to manipulate your device memory.
In this post I going to share a workaround that will work even without downloading a third party application. You will be able to manually increase memory in your device.

Remove temp and cached files manually.

You can manage you device space by deleting temp and cached files. Third party application like Android cleaner deletes those files on your device to manage space and boost your phone. You do not need an application to do that just follow the following steps :

Go to your phone settings -> storage -> cached data .
Android cached data

As you can see in the screenshot above my phone has 432 MB cached data. This data is stored by running applications like chrome , Facebook and others. This data is useless you can click on the cached data option to clear it.

This will also boost the performance of your device. Google chrome browser sometimes returns an error when Uploading a file not enough memory . You can solve this by clearing your device cache.

If you do not want to manually manage your device memory , you can download an application from play store that will automatically clean up your device space .

The following are the applications you can install on your device.

Android cleaner applications

  • Clean Master is a 100% working android cleaner trusted by 1B+ users. You can install this application on your device to manage space and boost your device performance .
    Android cleaner
  • Super phone cleaner is another nice android cleaner and antivirus protection app.
    Android cleaner 2
  • phone cleaner

Why you should avoid using a freenom domain

Freenom domains

Freenom is a free and paid domain provider based in Netherland. Freenom provides cf , tk , ml and gq TLDs for free with a validity of 1 year per domain and and an option to renew . Which means you can regester a domain for free on freenom for 1 year and when this 1 year time period finshes you can renew the same domain for another one year. Like other domain hosting providers, freenom has a domain cpanel with domain management tools like forwording , DNS etc..

Is a freenom domain good for SEO?

Domain seo
When it comes to SEO , I dont think there is much of a difference between popular domain TLDs and freenom TLDs. What makes the difference is your website content.
If your website has good quality contents then chances are that your domain can rank higher in the search results no matter what extension your domain uses your website will always appear at the top of the search results.
I personally have used a couple of freenom domains for my blog and about me pages in the past these domain ranked well. So in summery it’s not domain extension it’s page content that makes a huge impact in SEO. But there are some disadvantages of using free domains . Read bellow.

Avoid using free domains


If you creating a website or blog for earning money from it by placing ads or using affiliate programs then a free domain is not a good option for you. You must avoid it and rather use a paid domain registered on a trusted host

Why not a free domain?

Free domains registered on freenom or others registers are not permanently yours. Those registers can take the domain away from you when it becomes popular. They can sell your domain name to others without even notifying you. When you register a domain on FreeNom you become a manager of the domain until the expiration time of the domain but not a legal owner of that domain. FreeNom can sell your domain to others even before its expiration time.

So avoid using freenom domains if you are planning to start a website or blog for a long term and earning purposes. Instead choose a paid domain that suits your website contents.
There are a lot of popular domain hosting providers like Godaddy , Hostinger , bluehost , wordpress where you can regester a paid domain. the benefit of buying a domain is that it is yours and you are the legal owner untill the domain validity.

Thank you for reading.! If you have any questions or suggestions about this post please feel free to comment below.


How to buy 3patti gold chips using Paytm and rupay card?

How to buy 3patti chips online using Rupay card/netbanking and PayTm?

This is a question I am being asked more and more often so I will give you a quick overview of it and how you can easily buy online chips on your 3patti game account.

What is 3patti?

3pattti is a popular online card game in India and in many other countries. 3patti can be downloaded from googleplay store for android OS devices .Alot of people play it and enjoy it as it is one of the best online game to pass time .I have seen many users who want to buy chips online but they don’t succeed due to the payment methods provided on the app. If you are also one of those then this post is for you. I will explain you all the process of buying chips and the payment process . Just keep reading..

How to buy 3pattiGold chips?

To buy chips , go to your 3patti app and click on the buy now option on the left top of your screen. Buying chips on the app is really hard I know many of you might have tried that but failed.
The reason why many people fail to buy chips on the app is because they use Rupay Debit/credit card which isn’t supported on the app. 3pattiGold uses Gpay as their default payment gateway on the app so the payment they receive goes to them through the Google pay payment platform. Gpay payment platform only accepts international cards like Visa , MasterCard , Amex etc.. so if you have any of the mentioned cards then you can buy chips on the App version otherwise you can try the alternative method which is simple all you need to do is go to 3patti gold web and sign in with your account.

TeenPattiGold web version

To buy chips on the 3pattiGold web , go to and login with Facebook to access your account. Once you login you will see your 3patti account information and methods to buy chips on your screen something like the following :
[Screenshot taken from my 3pattiGold web account]

Buy 3 Patti cash online

The first option 10,000 collect is really cool. If you press this you will get 10k instant bonus chips. You get bonus chips on the web version everyday .
The second option let’s you buy chips using two different payment methods. Netbanking and Debit/Credit card. So you can either use your netbanking account or debit card to buy chips .
The third option mobile pay allows you to buy chips using your recharge credit. This option currently only works on Vodafone and idea .
The fourth and the last available options on teenpattiGold is really interesting as it lets you buy chips using your PayTm account. You click on the option , you see a pop asking for your PayTm mobile number , you type your number and press the submit button and the magic happens. Isn’t it cool? .

I hope this article helped you learn how to buy chips for your 3patti game account using multiple payment options. If you still have questions or something that I missed here , please post a comment below.
Thanks for reading.


Top 3 free webhosting providers PHP and Cpanel hosting 2021

Hello readers!!

Welcome back to amitoverflow blog. In our today’s post we will cover top three free webhosting websites with PHP and cpanel.
You might have searched the web for free webhosting and found multiple websites that offer free hosting but you are confused what webhost to choose?. I was in the same situation as you when I was looking for a free webhost to host my hobby projects files. I used multiple webhosting websites and kept changing from one webhost to another just to check which one was perfect for me. There are hundreds of free and low cost webhosting websites on the web. If you cant afford to pay hosting charges you can use a free hosting plan for your site and blog. So now lets begin :

Top ranked freewebhosting providers

  1. 000webhost
  2. freewha

000webhost is a free webhosting provider based in the US and has been providing free hosting since 2007. 000webhost is also a top ranked website in google search for “free webhosting” keyword.
000webhost provider a free subdomain and php hosting with cpanel and 1000MB web space. So as a member of this webhosting, you get the following free features:

Not just that , 000webhosting also has other usefull features that makes the hosting service popular. I am listing a few bellow :

A free subdomain you will get [email protected] free subdomain for hosting your website. You can also change this website address to your own domain using the “Point domain” option on their cpanel.
Latest version of apache server 000webhost uses Apache 2.4 server which is the new version of apache server and supports PHP 7 .
htaccess : you can use htaccess to rewrite or manipulate your website urls. This setting is enabled on all popular free webhosting websites.
Learn to code guide : If you know nothing about coding , you can follow the tutorial on your 000webhost cpanel . This is a simple and easy to follow guide with 100s of awesome coding tutorials .

Creating an account on 000webhost is as easy as 123 . All you need is a valid email address. They use your email address to verify your account and send you account related emails.

2) freewha is a another free webhosting site on the web. It is one of my favorite webhosts because it provides free webhosting with multiple free subdomains extensions like , etc.. you can choose the domain extension of your choice. Unlike 000webhost , freewha gives you a unique ftp address which looks something like or if you are hosting your own domain. Freewha is free and paid webhosting since 2005 . One of the unique features that I like the most on this host is “easy account setup” . Your account and all hosting features become active within few secons of the account registration. This webhost provides the following free features :

additional features :

Daily backup : your account and data is backed up daily.
1500MB disk space : You get 1.5GB memory which is good for a small website.
Unmetered bandwidth : there is no limit on how much bandwidth your website uses.
Apache 2.4 : the latest version of server and PHP 7.1 (You can’t change your php version on this hosting unless you upgrade for their paid hosting) .
Mysql database and htaccess : There are also other nice features that I have not mentioned here . Overall , this is a nice webhosting service and perfect for you if you are going to start a small website. is a free and paid webhosting service and provides ad-free webhosting. If you are looking for a free webhost with no ads then this is perfect for you. Byet host provides cpanel with 100s of unique features. Although I haven’t used this hosting yet but read reviews and posts of other satisfied users who are using this host.

Foot note :

Freewebhosting is primarily meant for learning and saving hobby projects files on the web. You should avoid hosting your domain on a freewebhosting service if your website is growing and receives a huge amount of traffic . Due to the limited bandwidth and space (a freewebhosting service provides) you can loose your site visiters and seo rank.
Upgrade to a paid hosting.

How to download starmaker videos Starmaker starmaker download help

How to download starmaker audio and videos online?

Starmaker is a popular singing platform app that allows you to record your own audio or video covers that can be shared with the Starmaker community and others on the web.

Download Starmaker audio video

In this post I am going to share a workaround for starmaker users who wish to download their starmaker contents including pics, audio and videos.

Download starmaker contents

Starmaker doesn’t allow contants downloading for some reasons on their site but with the help of some thrid party software/websites it is possible to download starmaker contents to your device.
There are a few online websites that claim to download contents from starmaker. One of those websites is . Although this site is not affiliated with the official starmaker but uses third party programs or Apis to connect to the official starmaker.
Every post on Starmaker has a unique URL that you can copy and paste to the input box on and then the starmakerDownloader tool converts your url into downloadable format. Doesn’t it sound quite easy? .

Another possible similar tool is . This tool not only allows you to convert your starmaker contents but you can also convert your youtube URLs to downloadable format.
To download starmaker using all you need to do is copy the Starmaker URL and put it in the input box on
Download Starmaker videos
next press the submit . You will get a converted URL that you can copy and type in the browser to download the file.

Banking Info

My first transction on PayPal through SBI master card

PayPal is one of the most trusted international payment gateway. Today about 80℅ international transactions are done on PayPal. In India, if you have a PayPal account you can use it to receive/send payments to more tgen 200 countries other then India. Actually the main problem that most of the PayPal users in India face is Adding Debit card .
PayPal in India only supports Debit card of international brands such as Visa , MasterCard , Amex etc . Domestic cards like Rupay arent supported.

Guys , in this post I am sharing my own experience of making my first successful payment through PayPal. I created my PayPal account in 2014 and for me it took about 2 months to fully understand the system. I did many online tutorial to reach the final destination. When I created my account I had a Visa debit card of UCO Bank which got rejected twice on PayPal then someone advised me to Open bank account in SBI and ask for the Debit card of MasterCard brand.
I opened my bank account in SBI and received a MasterCard. Finally this did the trick and I successfully made my first payment to my web host in the US.

SBI master card

To add Debit card to PayPal payment method first of you need to make sure your card is activated for international transaction. By default all banks provide debit/credit cards with domestic uses only . You can call your bank or use their IVR/ATM/online banking method to turn on the international transaction on your card.
In my case , I turned it on using online banking. This only takes a minute and your card gets ready to be used on international payment platforms.
When you add a card to PayPal , you card get charged for 1USD they do it to verify your card and once your card get verified you get the 1USD back in your account. It is not guaranted that your card will work fine for PayPal transaction even after successfully adding your card. Sometimes you will get an error like “Payment was denied by your card issuer” while making your payment through PayPal. There are a few things that can prevent your PayPal transaction.
If you are getting the above mentioned error during your check out process on PayPal then it’s sure that your bank is not allowing the payment. The reason might be that your bank account balance is low. I was also getting the same error and I talked to PayPal and my bank they told me that Your balance is not good . Actually , my account balance was bellow 1k and the PayPal transaction I was doing was 700INRs . My bank prevented the transaction for some security reasons . Banks do not allow PayPal international transaction if your card balance is bellow 1k. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.