Adsense CPC by country on a tech niche blog – CPC by country latest report

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It’s the revenue you earn as a publisher when someone clicks on your ad. The Cost Per Click for any ad is determined by advertiser . Some advertisers pay more per click then others depending on what type of ad they are advertising.

The revenue from CPC you earn as a publisher varies, depending on the following factors :

  • The country of visitor
  • Type of Adsense ad
  • Demand and supply
  • Type of publisher . Large/Small.
  • Number of bidders for Ad spot.
  • Bid amount

Adsense Cost Per Click depends on the following few factors :

  • Location of visitors : Where you are getting the ad click from. Indian consumer is far less likely to buy then a US consumer. That’s one of the many reasons why Indian CPC is ten times lower then a CPC from US and other developed countries.

  • How competitive is the market?
    Higher the revenue, higher the competion. Example: Insurance CPC is ten times higher than tech.
    In the US , the maximum CPC revenue paying niche is Insurance that can upto $50 per valid click.

  • How many ad networks are bidding on your inventory? Higher the demand, higher the CPC/revenue.
  • Bid amount .
    How much money advertisers are paying for a keyword. Competition among advertisers grow as the number of advertisers willing to buy a keyword go up. Consequently the bid amount also tend to go up and you get high CPC.

CPC by country latest report

I have collected this data from my own Adsense dashboard connected to this blog. This is the real 30 days Adsense CPC report. The reason why I am posting it here is because I want everyone who is interested to have a basic idea of how much Adsense pays per click on a tech niche blog.

Here is a list of a few countries I got clicks from in the last 30 days.

Ordered by CPC

Country Cost Per Click
United States $1.20
Germany $0.32
United Kingdom $0.30
Denmark $0.22
Nigeria $0.22
Span $0.22
Italy $0.19
Canada $0.18
Singapore $0.18
Czechia $0.15
Ukraine $0.11
Australia $0.11
Argentina $0.09
Oman $0.07
Kuwait $0.06
India $0.05
Israel $0.05
Cambodia $0.05
Poland $0.04
Malaysia $0.04
Egypt $0.04
Belgium $0.03
Indonesia $0.03
Tanzania $0.02
Namibia $0.02
Bangladesh $0.01

As you can see the highest CPC I got in the last 30 days is $1.20 and it came from the United states.
Germany is the second country in the list that provided me high CPC with $0.32 and then all other countries are below in the list above.
The lowest CPC came from Bangladesh which is just $0.01. In the last 30 days I got 15 click from Bangladesh and 32 from the United states . With higher CPC from the US my Avarage CPC is $0.41 which in my opinion is a good avarage CPC rate for a tech niche site.


How to fix a temporary ad serving limit has been placed on your adsense account?

AdSense temporary ad serving limit

“Temporary ad serving limit placed on your adsense account”?
AdSense can sometimes limit ads on your website or temporary suspend your account if it finds invalid activities.
How can I see a record of my invalid activities

Invalid AdSense activity consists of “Invalid traffic” , “false clicks” , “multiple clicks from your own account” .
AdSense can permanently disable your account if you repeatedly do so or don’t change your behavior.

AdSense puts limitations on ad account for a good reason as it wants to protect advertisers .

Temporary ad serving

If AdSense ads suddenly disappeared on your website or blog and you are getting the following warning on your adsense account

The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy centre.

Then there is probably something that’s going against the AdSense policy.

Your site is either getting 100% social/direct traffic or you have clicked your own ads multiple times.

Google has smart tools to identify invalid activities on your account so you can’t cheat the system .

But if you are not doing any of the above mentioned activity and the ads serving limit is still placed on your account then the reason might be that the website on which you are displying the ads isn’t getting any traffic at all.

This happened with me two times when I started AdSense on this site some years ago.
On a brad new blog with just 20 posts and 5 backlinks I was able to get the AdSense approval .

If you haven’t applied for AdSense yet , read “How to get your new site ready for AdSense” .

I got the AdSense approval for this blog within 5 days and started displaying ads.
The daily traffic on my blog was really low between 1 to 5 unique visitors per day. The average monthly traffic count was 2 .

As you can see that’s Bellow the minimum level. With this traffic my blog was flagged as inactive site and the publisher account was put on hold by Google.
Google doesn’t want to show ads on a site that’s inactive that’s why they put ads limit serving.

Google can restrict your AdSense upto 30 days if your site traffic goes down the minimum level. At least 10 unique visitors daily are required in order to keep your account active.
I had to wait upto one month for the ads to resume on my account but in the main while I improved my blog traffic . I posted unique and original contents to my blog in order to gain more search engine traffic.

Google AdSense loves organic traffic

AdSense organic traffic

Yes, that’s true.
If you are getting organic traffic on your monetised website or blog then your chances of earning are higher then the traffic you receive from social networking sites.
But it’s not always the case that you will receive 100 percent traffic from search engines . For a new blog or website you will need to maintain web traffic from multiple sources such as Google, Facebook ,Twitter etc.
But always keep in mind that if all your web traffic is coming from social then your earnings and adsense account might be in danger. So it’s always better to mentain a good quality traffic mainly from Search engines and from other methods.

Be an honest AdSense publisher

As a publisher, you need be hosnest. Never click on your own ads and never ask others to click on your ads.
If you accidentally clicked your ad while testing or writing your blog , then you don’t need to worry as Google will automatically remove your click from the system.
But multiple clicks from your own account are considered to be invalid activity and it can lead to your account suspension.

Final thought on AdSense ad serving limit placed on your account

You just need to improve your traffic quality. If you in the “temporary ad serving limit” then just improve the quality of your site traffic. If your site is new and not receiving enough traffic then you can boost your site on Google ads or join Facebook ads network. This will bring some real visitors to your site or blog.

adsense WordPress

How to display adsense ads on AMP for wordpress plugin

AMP for wordpress is an AMP plugin that converts wordpress pages into AMP format . The plugin automatically enables AMP version of your blog posts. AMP pages load faster then normal html pages in a web browser and can help rank your site higher in search engines. If you have a wordpress site you can easily install AMP for WordPress and customise it to use on your site. To install the plugin on your wordpress site go to
Dashboard->plugin->add new plugin
and type “AMP” in the search field.
The AMP plugin we use on this site is AMP for WP

AMP plugin for WordPress

install and activate it.
Once the plugin is activated, you will see a new AMP menu in your wordpress dashboard.

WordPress AMP dashboard

You can view the AMP version of your pages just by adding /amp at the end of your page URL ie : .
Customize the look and feel of your AMP pages from the setting.

display google adscene ads on AMP pages

Your AMP pages might not show normal html based adscene ads. For adscene code to work on AMP you need to use AMP Adsense .

Go to your Adsense account and activate AMP auto ads. The following are the steps to activate it :

  • Go to your account Ads->auto ads and press the Auto ads for amp button

    Adsense auto ads for WordPress amp
  • On the next page turn on the toggle button :

    Adsense auto ad setup for WordPress AMP

    You can now copy the adscene header and ad code. Copy the header code and put in it in between <head> and </head> in your theme header.php file. The adscene code you copy from the second text box is what will display ads on your AMP pages. Copy and paste it to the body section of your document. You can also put it individually in each posts. If you do not have access to header.php file in your wordpress site then you can also install Insert header and footer plugin and Add header ad code by it. We use the same plugin on this site to insert header codes.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


How to get your new site ready for Google Adsense | Adsense approval tips

How to get an adsense account varified in three simple steps?

Adsense approval tips

If you are planning to submit your website or blog for Adsense approval , then this post might be helpful to you.

In this post I explained how you can get your new site ready for Google Adsense.
If you have already applied for adsense but your application got rejected multiple times, then you must follow all the steps I mentioned in this post. I will give you some useful tips based on my personal experience with Adsense.
I know it’s not easy to get approval in just one try but if you follow Adsense policy and prepare your site accordingly then nothing can prevent your site from being Adsense approved.
This Adsense approval article will help you get the 100% approval .

Before we start lets first briefly understand what adscene is and why you need it.

What is Adsense?

Google Adscene is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Why you need Adsense?

If you have a website or blog that has quality contains and receives a huge amount of web traffic then you have a golden chance to earn money by placing ads on your website. You can join adsense platform to start earning money by showing ads.

Getting an adsense account approved

Getting adscene approval can be a bit difficult if you are a new blogger and just started writing . If you search Google you will see many different posts and people discussing the same subject with different opinions.

Some people say that Your website/blog must have 30 Unique posts ,while others say that your domain must be 6 months old to get an approved adscene account.

In this post I will give you a clear overview of how you can and what you need to varify a website for google adscene based on my personal experience with adsense

To get an adscene approval, the following are the three three things you must follow before applying for adsense .

  1. Website contant.
  2. Website layout.
  3. Proper Links
  4. Your website content.

    Your website content must be orignal meaning that what you write (text , images, videos) should be your own and created by you not copy paste from other sites.
    It doesnt matter how many posts your blog has what matters the most is your contents .If your contents are orignal and Unique then you are good to go.
    I got my account varified with just 5 unique posts in HowTo category on a 2 months old domain. One of the most important things to remember when writing a post is word length. Your post must be written with more then 400 words. Write unique posts that can attract more peope to visit your site. Write solution based posts that solve visitors specific issuses for what they visited your page.

    Website layout.

    Your website layout is what makes the first impression. You website layout must be standing with easy to navigate menues like the layout of this blog.

    Proper links

    Your website must have the following pages/links :

  5. About Us
  6. Contact Us
  7. Privacy policy
  8. Terms and conditions
  9. Those four links are super important.

    If you follow all these three steps carefully then your chances of getting approved are 99 %.

    How long does google take to varify an adscene aapplication?

    It usually takes a day or more. In my case it took 4 days . You application can take longer then that so you need to wait untill the final call from google. Google will send you an email to let you know whether you passed or not.

    Hope you liked this post. If you have any related questions that you want me to answer then please post in the comment section bellow. Thanks for reading.