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There was a time when YouTube users only needed 1K subscribes to get their channel monotised .
“Watch hours” wasn’t the issue only 1K subscribers cap was required but now
on YouTube you also need 4000 watch hours in order to be able to monotise your channel.
4000 watch hours means 240,000 minutes which seems quite complicated to a new youtuber.

As a new youtuber , if you recently started your channel , and you get upto 500 views daily , it can take a long time upto 3 years to reach the 4K watch hour milestone.
Many new youtubers who want to get their channel monotised fast spend money on ads and paid promotions of their channel. Paid promotion is a good choice but you will have to spend thousands of dollars to reach the milestone.
In this article , I am going to share a free YouTube watch hour trick with you. Although this trick is not officially supported as it goes against the YouTube law but you can try this free trick to increase your watch hours fast on your own risk and learn how the process works.

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Increase YouTube watch hours fast trick

What you need to get started

These are all the things you need to get started with this free watch trick.

You must have a pc or laptop and fast internet connection .

Getting started

To get started, open YouTube.com on your desktop web browser in incognito mode. Search your channel in the YouTube search box.
YouTube on laptop browser

Once your channel appears in search, click on it to find your YouTube playlist.
YouTube himfairy
Click on any of your playlist to play it on the browser.

On desktop browser, you can open multiple tabs and play the playlist in each tab.

Next, open the new tab and search your channel again . Play the video playlist in the next tab. You will note that now your playlist is being played in two tab at the same time. You can open multiple tabs like this and play the videos.
To reduce the play time , just increase the playspeed to 2X and set the video quality to 144px as this will consume less data .

You can open upto 20 tabs at the same time in Chrome browser and play process will continue in each tab. By doing this you can increase your watch hours fast and easily . If you play your videos in 20 tabs at the same time , in just 30 minutes you can get upto 200 hours of watch time .

With the trick mentioned above anyone can reach the 4k watch hours milestone in just 15 days but as I already mentioned this trick is neither officially supported nor any professional youtuber will recommend you to do so as it can put a negative impression on your overall performance. You can try this just for testing on your own risk.

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