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CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It’s the revenue you earn as a publisher when someone clicks on your ad. The Cost Per Click for any ad is determined by advertiser . Some advertisers pay more per click then others depending on what type of ad they are advertising.

The revenue from CPC you earn as a publisher varies, depending on the following factors :

  • The country of visitor
  • Type of Adsense ad
  • Demand and supply
  • Type of publisher . Large/Small.
  • Number of bidders for Ad spot.
  • Bid amount

Adsense Cost Per Click depends on the following few factors :

  • Location of visitors : Where you are getting the ad click from. Indian consumer is far less likely to buy then a US consumer. That’s one of the many reasons why Indian CPC is ten times lower then a CPC from US and other developed countries.

  • How competitive is the market?
    Higher the revenue, higher the competion. Example: Insurance CPC is ten times higher than tech.
    In the US , the maximum CPC revenue paying niche is Insurance that can upto $50 per valid click.

  • How many ad networks are bidding on your inventory? Higher the demand, higher the CPC/revenue.
  • Bid amount .
    How much money advertisers are paying for a keyword. Competition among advertisers grow as the number of advertisers willing to buy a keyword go up. Consequently the bid amount also tend to go up and you get high CPC.

CPC by country latest report

I have collected this data from my own Adsense dashboard connected to this blog. This is the real 30 days Adsense CPC report. The reason why I am posting it here is because I want everyone who is interested to have a basic idea of how much Adsense pays per click on a tech niche blog.

Here is a list of a few countries I got clicks from in the last 30 days.

Ordered by CPC

Country Cost Per Click
United States $1.20
Germany $0.32
United Kingdom $0.30
Denmark $0.22
Nigeria $0.22
Span $0.22
Italy $0.19
Canada $0.18
Singapore $0.18
Czechia $0.15
Ukraine $0.11
Australia $0.11
Argentina $0.09
Oman $0.07
Kuwait $0.06
India $0.05
Israel $0.05
Cambodia $0.05
Poland $0.04
Malaysia $0.04
Egypt $0.04
Belgium $0.03
Indonesia $0.03
Tanzania $0.02
Namibia $0.02
Bangladesh $0.01

As you can see the highest CPC I got in the last 30 days is $1.20 and it came from the United states.
Germany is the second country in the list that provided me high CPC with $0.32 and then all other countries are below in the list above.
The lowest CPC came from Bangladesh which is just $0.01. In the last 30 days I got 15 click from Bangladesh and 32 from the United states . With higher CPC from the US my Avarage CPC is $0.41 which in my opinion is a good avarage CPC rate for a tech niche site.

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