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Microsoft is going to release Windows11 this year with some exciting features and a brand new design. Windows11 is the next windows operating system which is the improved version of windows 10.
The new version of Windows has many exciting features and new application icons with rounded and customisable corners.

Home screen of the Windows11
Image credit : Microsoft
Windows 11 home
The new version of Windows is designed to work smoothly on all types of devices from Pen, touch to mouse.

Windows 11 is the successor to the latest windows 10 and it will be available as a free upgrade to windows11 for 10 users through Windows update.
Although , Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the exact date or month of the new windows launch but they have made it clear in the press and on their official site that the new version will be available soon this year .

Windows 11 has new features

Windows 11 is the updated version of Windows 10 . It has all the power and security of its previous version with a new design and fresh look. Windows 11 has new tools, sound and apps. It is designed for all types of devices such as pen, touch and mouse. It’s securer then window 10 .

Windows 11 fresh look video

Windows 11 startup sound

Updating your windows operating system to Windows 11

Windows 10 uses will be able to update their current version to windows 11 without paying anything to Microsoft through the windows update method as they will get a direct link to update their OS. However if you are not using windows version less the 10 and want to direct update to the new version then you will need to buy the Windows11 product key from Microsoft.

Windows11 update methods

System requirements to download windows 11

The following is the minimum system requirements your machine must have in order to install and use the Windows 11 oprating software

    In order to run windows11 smoothly :

  • Your processor must be 64Bit, 1 gigahertz duel or more cores .
    Windows 11 doesn’t work on 32Bit proccesser , you must upgrade your processor to 64Bit before updating to the new version of windows.
  • The minimum RAM required to run Windows11 smoothly is 4GB . If your system RAM is lower then the required format you must upgrade your RAM for the better experience.
  • The minimum storage capacity is 64GB or more.
  • Upgrade your HHD to SSD for better and smoother windows 11 experience.
  • DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x graphic card
  • The minimum display resolution 720px .
  • Microsoft account and a working internet connection is required to set up windows 11.

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