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Bing deindexed my site

I know how it hurts when a fully indexed old website on search engines gets deindexed or removed. All your hard work and the time you spent trying to increase your search rank on goes in vain.
In this article , we are talking about Bing search engine . Bing is the second largest search engine in the world as it also provides searches for its parent company Yahoo search . Bing and Yahoo are just one company with different names. A site indexed on Bing also becomes available for search in Yahoo , DuckDuckGo and AOL .
Bing is a new search platform but it’s parent company Yahoo has been on the web for a long time.
Before Google became search engine king there was Yahoo. Yahoo was created in 1995.
Yahoo was the world’s most visited homepage until 2008 and then Google took its position.

Now the Bing is Yahoo’s main search engine as it provides webmaster tools on Bing. The only option to add site to Bing and Yahoo is Bing webmaster.

In 2020, Bing deindexed multiple sites and removed them from Yahoo and Bing databases. The main reason behind this was that the Bing wants to only index those sites that are trustworthy and have good backlink profile. Bing doesn’t like spammy sites or sites with low quality contents. The goal is to make bing search safe and secure for bing and Yahoo users . See Why my site is not in Bing index .

Thousands of sites have been removed for no obvious reasons and the removing process is still continuing but one thing that I don’t understand is the “Site filtering” process of Bing. Bing has also removed sites that are unique and not spammy. One of those categories’s site is the one you are currently on. Our site amitoverflow.com was deindexed on Bing in March this year. I noticed it a month later when I checked my “Google analytics Report” . Bing, Yahoo , were missing in the report and to confirm this I added my site URL to “bing search box” but unfortunately there was just one result (Some results have been removed) a link to the Bing webmaster guideline.
When I emailed bing about the issue, here is what the Bing team said
Reply from Bing :
Bing email reply
One of the Bing support team member replied this :

I reviewed your site but unfortunately when I was investigating, I saw that your site is under spam list which can be a reason why we are not indexing it.

The response indicates that my site is spammy that’s why Bing is not indexing it.
But in reality , this is not a spammy site. All the backlinks and contents are real . My site is fully indexed on Google and Yandex.
I can confidently say that deindexing my site was a mistake made by Bing .
In order to stay in the search market
Bing must do something to improve their index system. We love bing but when we see something like this Bing doing with us it really hurts us and decreases it value and fame that we have for it.

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