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How to submit website to Bing

In this step by step short guide I will show you how to submit or add your website to Bing and Yahoo search engines using
Bing webmaster tools
Bing is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.
Bing and Yahoo are just one company so you don’t need to add your site seperately to each search engines. You can just submit your website to Bing and once bing accepted it then it will also be available on yahoo searches.
If you want to receive organic traffic on your website then you must add your site to Bing because it’s the second largest web search platform in the world and it’s the default search engine in windows operating system.
In this short tutorial, we will learn how to add a site to Bing.

Submit site to Bing

Microsoft’s bing has a tool called Bing Webmaster that allows website owners to add or manage websites on the Bing & Yahoo search engines . You can use this tool to submit your website.

Follow these simple steps to submit your site to Bing

Go to Bing webmaster homepage and create an account if you don’t already have. And then go to the Add a site link . Use Edge or Firefox browser if the Bing webmaster doesn’t work in Chrome. I was having the same problem with Bing webmaster using the chrome browser and the page didn’t load. I solved it by using Edge browser.
Bing webmaster add a site
After clicking on “Add a site” you will be redirected to a page where you will get two options to add or varify your site to Bing .
#1) Import domain from Google search console
Varify domain using Bing XML file.

The first method is easiest one. If your domain is already varified on Google search console, then use the first method to quickly import your domain from GSC to Bing webmaster.
Google search console to Bing webmaster
Or if you don’t have Google search console , then you can use the second option to add your site to Bing. The second option is also easy . Add your domain name manually and press the submit button , you will get a bing XML file to verify your domain. Add that file to the head section of your document to verify it.
Add site to Bing manually

After adding your site successfully to Bing, it can take upto 3 days for the site to appear in Bing and Yahoo searches. You will also need to add your Sitemap to Bing because it makes the crawling process easier and quicker.
Bing webmaster provides some useful tools like “submit individual URL” ,”Remove URL”..etc. These are the useful features and help webmasters control how site appears in search results.
Bing webmaster dashboard

Final thought

Submitting a site to Bing is easy but Bing can deindex your site anytime if bing thinks the site is spammy. Bing deindexed thousands of websites in 2020 including mine. When I emailed bing , in response they said that my site has been put in spam category even though my site is indexed well on Google search. I removed all the backlinks from 0DR domains and resubmitted my site from the scratch and Bing accepted it.
So before submitting your site to Bing make sure your backlinks are genuine . If your site has multiple backlinks from 0 DR domain , remove those links and submit your site.

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