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Start a new blog in 2021. Improve blog SEO

I often receive emails and messages from people who are new to blogging or just started blogging. In this post I answered some of their most frequently asked questions about blogging. I will give you an in-depth overview of How to start a successful blog in 2021 and in the years to come.
So, let’s start with these three common questions that often popup on new blogger’s mind.

  • Is my blog going to make any difference on the web in 2021
  • Will my blog rank in search engines
  • How to earn money from blog in 2021

It’s 2021 .
The world wide web is now full of websites and millions of blogs have already been indexed by search engines.

So the questions a new blogger has on mind are acceptable .
If you are thinking about creating a web development blog that provides tutorials about Web languages such as PHP , then your decision to start the blog is such a waste of time as there are already thousands of high ranked websites and blogs providing tutorials in that particular category so it might not be easy to override these sites. I don’t say your blog will be dead choosing that neche , may be your blog can win but it will require hard work and dedication to reach some point.
You will need to do something different and something thats unique in order to be a successful blogger in 2021 and the years to come.

I know , it’s easy to start a blog , but to bring it to the web isn’t that easy. It requires a lot of hard work , patience and time.

I personally started my blog in 2018

When I started my blog in 2018 , back then thare was less competition as compared to today in blogging.
In 2018 , Google , Bing and other search engines used to be very friendly and site indexing didn’t take that long but in 2021 if you start a new website and it might take some time for your new site to be fully available in search results even if you use webmaster tools provided by search engines.
The site traffic is one of the most important element of a website .
A website without web traffic is like a home without people.

when I started I was not receiving more then 5 unique visitors per day. I focused on the site content and within one month my site traffic started increasing to 100 visitors per day.

I applied for adsense when my site traffic increased to 500 visitors per day. In the beginning I was not earning that much but whatever amount I earned was enough to fulfill my website and domain hosting .

Starting a brand new blog in 2021

There are enough resources available online to start a new blog . You can use free blogging platform like Blogger or a paid platform like WordPress . You can choose one that you find useful but if you going to start a professional blog then I would recommend you to use WordPress as its powerful, reliable and provides unlimited blogging experience that can take your blogging experience to the high level.
Blogger , on the other hand is free but provides limited resources . Read 5 reasons why you should avoid using Google Blogger.

You can use WordPress self hosted or hosted blog . The difference between self hosted and hosted WordPress is that “self hosted is the type of WordPress blog which you can host on your own server instead of WordPress.com server. For a self hosted blog , you can download the source code from WordPress.org and host it with your favourite hosting company like GoDaddy.com .

WordPress hosted blog is hosted on wordpress server. You just need to pay for the domain and hosting.
You can choose whatever you find useful and easy to manage.

Choose a niche for your blog

Choosing a niche for your blog is important and you must stick to one particular niche for your blog.
For example , if you have knowledge in two different fields ,web development and banking , then you must create two different blogs for each category .

In 2021, creating a blog is easy as everyone has now access to the internet but as I already mentioned that bringing a blog to the top position in search engines is really hard. It’s easy and you can win the SEO NOW if you work hard on your blog and write something that’s unique and informative to the people searching the web.

Write unique Articles with great length

Your blog in 2021 and the years to come, will have a great place in search engines if you write unique and informative articles with great length.
There was a time when an article with just 50 words also used to rank on the first page.

Now the SEO logic has changed completely. Quality and word length both are considered ranking factors. Your post with 2000 words can beat a post that was submitted to search engines 10 years ago if it provides fresh and unique informations.
Write a blog article with minimum 500 words. Because an article with more words have more keywords .

Build Backlinks/Improve your backlink profile

Site Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important SEO elements as they search engines how trusted your website is. When a site links to your site a backlink is created .
Search engines like google and Bing index sites based on their backlinks and URL rattings . Your backlink profile improves when a trusted site links to your site and you get a backlink.
If you have a good backlink profile then your chances of ranking in search engines are higher.

To build backlinks , you need to write unique and informative posts. Write good articles for your blog that others will want to link to .
Read How to build backlinks for a website .

Create a website or blog that is Cross-browser compatible

Nowadays , The majority of traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets . You must design or use a design for your website or blog that can work on all browsers including desktop.
Choose a theme or design that is cross-browser competible.

Your website layout is that puts the first impression on your visitors so you must design it properly.

Choose a fast and reliable web hosting

If you creating a WordPress self hosted blog then you must choose a web hosting service that is reliable and fast. Page load speed is also another ranking factor. If your page loads fast in a web browser then your chances of ranking in search engines are high. Choose a premium hosting plan instead of shared. On a premium plan you get more bandwidth and space .

Choose a perfect theme for your blog.

Theme represents the fronr face of your website or blog and puts first impression on your site visitors.
Choosing a perfect theme can boost your site traffic and increase your search engine rank. There are thousands of best free themes available on the internet and if you can afford to pay for the theme then buy a premium theme as its much better then a free one.

Keep patients

Yes. It’s important.
If you create a blog today then it will not become popular overnight or the next day. It can take some , may be some weeks , months . So the patients is super important. Just keep focusing on your site contents and one day your hard work will really pay you.

Earning money from your new blog

Earning money from a website or blog is easy. There are multiple ways to earn money from your online contents.

You can join Amazon affiliate and Google Adsense .
But the most important thing you need to keep in mind is the Traffic to your blog . If you are a new blogger then just keep focusing on your site contents.

Once your new blog starts receiving enough traffic , you can apply for Google Adsense or other ad platforms and display ads on your blog to earn money.
For a new blog, your first focus must be on the content and traffic. Continue creating unique contents and bring traffic . Once your blog reachs minimum 500 visitors per day then apply for the adsense or Amazon ads.

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