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AdSense temporary ad serving limit

“Temporary ad serving limit placed on your adsense account”?
AdSense can sometimes limit ads on your website or temporary suspend your account if it finds invalid activities.
How can I see a record of my invalid activities

Invalid AdSense activity consists of “Invalid traffic” , “false clicks” , “multiple clicks from your own account” .
AdSense can permanently disable your account if you repeatedly do so or don’t change your behavior.

AdSense puts limitations on ad account for a good reason as it wants to protect advertisers .

Temporary ad serving

If AdSense ads suddenly disappeared on your website or blog and you are getting the following warning on your adsense account

The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy centre.

Then there is probably something that’s going against the AdSense policy.

Your site is either getting 100% social/direct traffic or you have clicked your own ads multiple times.

Google has smart tools to identify invalid activities on your account so you can’t cheat the system .

But if you are not doing any of the above mentioned activity and the ads serving limit is still placed on your account then the reason might be that the website on which you are displying the ads isn’t getting any traffic at all.

This happened with me two times when I started AdSense on this site some years ago.
On a brad new blog with just 20 posts and 5 backlinks I was able to get the AdSense approval .

If you haven’t applied for AdSense yet , read “How to get your new site ready for AdSense” .

I got the AdSense approval for this blog within 5 days and started displaying ads.
The daily traffic on my blog was really low between 1 to 5 unique visitors per day. The average monthly traffic count was 2 .

As you can see that’s Bellow the minimum level. With this traffic my blog was flagged as inactive site and the publisher account was put on hold by Google.
Google doesn’t want to show ads on a site that’s inactive that’s why they put ads limit serving.

Google can restrict your AdSense upto 30 days if your site traffic goes down the minimum level. At least 10 unique visitors daily are required in order to keep your account active.
I had to wait upto one month for the ads to resume on my account but in the main while I improved my blog traffic . I posted unique and original contents to my blog in order to gain more search engine traffic.

Google AdSense loves organic traffic

AdSense organic traffic

Yes, that’s true.
If you are getting organic traffic on your monetised website or blog then your chances of earning are higher then the traffic you receive from social networking sites.
But it’s not always the case that you will receive 100 percent traffic from search engines . For a new blog or website you will need to maintain web traffic from multiple sources such as Google, Facebook ,Twitter etc.
But always keep in mind that if all your web traffic is coming from social then your earnings and adsense account might be in danger. So it’s always better to mentain a good quality traffic mainly from Search engines and from other methods.

Be an honest AdSense publisher

As a publisher, you need be hosnest. Never click on your own ads and never ask others to click on your ads.
If you accidentally clicked your ad while testing or writing your blog , then you don’t need to worry as Google will automatically remove your click from the system.
But multiple clicks from your own account are considered to be invalid activity and it can lead to your account suspension.

Final thought on AdSense ad serving limit placed on your account

You just need to improve your traffic quality. If you in the “temporary ad serving limit” then just improve the quality of your site traffic. If your site is new and not receiving enough traffic then you can boost your site on Google ads or join Facebook ads network. This will bring some real visitors to your site or blog.

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