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Choosing the right web hosting for website or blog
Confused about what type of hosting you need for your website or blog?
In this short article I will guide you to choose the right web hosting plan for your new website or blog.
I am not an expert in web hosting and the guidance I am providing here is purely based on my personal experience with web hosting . I will try to help and point you in the right direction with my knowledge.

There are many best web hosting companies on the internet like GoDaddy , Hostinger , Bluehost and many others. But choosing the right one that can fulfill your needs and provide you a web hosting solution with 99.9% uptime is very important.

Avoid using a free web hosting

There are also free web hosting companies like 000webhost and Byet Host but I won’t recommend free hosting here because you get limited resources and it really hurts when your site gets deleted without even notifying you.
You can use free hosting for learning purposes but when it comes to create a professional site or blog , you must buy a hosting plan from a trusted company.

Why you need a web hosting?

To make your website or blog visible to others and search engines you need a web hosting to host your site.
With a live web hosting your website or blog becomes live on the World Wide Web and anyone anywhere with a web browser can access your website.
A web hosting company provides you a space for your website on their live server where you can host your web pages and multimedia data paying the company a hosting fee on monthly or yearly basis.
Today there are more then 20 best web hosting companies available on the internet which promise you to provide the best web services.
Some of which I know of and have used are listed below :

I keep Hostinger at the top in this list above because I currently use it and it provides a top class web hosting like the others.

Choosing the company you and million others trust is one of the most important things you must consider before buying a web hosting.

Before choosing Hostinger hosting for my blog, I read reviews of multiple people. I read Wikipedia page to know the history of the company. I read what other people say or think about this hosting. I asked people on the internet and that was enough for me to trust the hosting company.

What type of hosting you need

Okay, it’s important to know what type of hosting you need for your website or blog. I will cover it all in this peragraph.

What type of hosting you need for your website or blog depends on the site you have created or are going to create and how many daily/monthly traffic you are expecting.

All web hosting companies provide basic to advanced level hostings to users.
In a basic hosting plan that is also known as shared hosting you get limited server bandwidth and web storage but that’s enough for a small website or blog.

Hostinger provides two types of shared hosting Basic and Premium . The premium version is a bit expensive the the Basic as it provides you more hosting space , bandwidth and websites to host.
If you have a large website with thousands of traffic per day , you can get business or dedicated server hosting plans . You get unlimited web storage and bandwidth on these types of hosting plans.

How many visitors should your hosting handle par day or month basis depends on the type or traffic of your website.
If you have a small site or blog that receives maximum 500 daily visitors , then the basic share hosting plan is good for you.
If you are expecting a lot more traffic, then you should probably go for cloud hosting.

A basic shared web hosting on Hostinger, GoDaddy and other hosting provider can handle upto 10000 visitors per month.

If you website receives a maximum 1k web traffic per day then you must consider buying a Premium shared hosting as it provides you enough bandwidth to handle more requests and visitors.

A Premium shared hosting plan on Hostinger and GoDaddy provides enough space to handle upto 30000 (30K) monthly visitors.

If you have a business site , that receives more traffic and want the everything unlimited , then you must go for Dedicated server or Business hosting . These types of hosting server are expensive but you get everything with no limit.

Read the hosting manual before buying

Before choosing a web hosting , check the hosting manual . All hosting service providers have a dedicated page that shows you all the hosting plans they are providing.
Check what plan matches your needs.
If you are still unsure then you can ask the hosting support team .

Compare hosting prices and services of all popular companies

All web hosting providers have different prices for domain and web hosting. You need to check which one is providing you the best hosting with affordable prices.
For a long term web hosting plan , some companies charges you very little as compared to monthly or yearly hosting . So it totally depends on your budget. The longer the hosting plan the less you pay.

Linux or Windows?

If you going to create an ASP site then windows hosting is fine otherwise you can choose Linux hosting that provides Apache server.
Apache is easy to configure and there is also a great support available on the internet for Apache users.
Both servers are powerful so it totally depends on which one suits you the best.

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