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In this article I will show you how we can easily point a custom domain to 000webhost.
I have shared two different methods to connect your domain to 000webhost.
Some Cloudflare users were having trouble mapping their domain but after following this article you will also be able to point your Cloudflare domain to 000webhost using CNAME records and NameServers.

000webhost custom domain

On 000webhost you can use your own domain instead of the free subdomain that you get when creating a new site. You can map your custom domain to 000webhost free subdomain.
000webhost provides two types of domain mapping services.

  1. Park domain using Name servers
  2. Point domain using DNS CNAME regards

You can use any of the above mentioned methods to connect your custom domain to your free hosting account.
The first method is really simple . You just need to change your domain Nameservers to 000webhost name servers and the second one is also simple as you just need to update CNAME records on your domain host.

Connecting a domain to 000webhost using nameservers

000webhost provides two nameservers . The following is the list of available Cloudflare nameservers :

  1. ns01.000webhost.com
  2. ns02.000webhost.com .

You need to change your domain name servers to 000webhost nameservers in order to use your custom domain.
To do this,
Log in to your domain dashboard on your hosting provider and select the domain you want to change nameservers on.
In case your hosting provider is Hostinger , the Nameserver interface will look something like the following screenshot :
000webhost nameservers

Change or replace your existing nameservers with the two provided by 000webhost and cick on save .
That’s it . Now the next step is to connect your domain to 000webhost dashboard.
Go to your free hosting dashboard and select the site you want to manage.

Click on the Park domain menu and select Park :
Park domain on 000webhost
On the next page, you will need to add your domain name . Add the root domain name ,ie: example.com :
Park domain on freewebhosting
Click on the “Park domain” and your domain will be added to your 000webhosting account .
You can find your domain on parked domain list.
000webhosting parked domain

Now you will have to wait a few minutes/hours if the domain NameServers are still not pointing to your hosting account. You can click on the recheck NameServers button to check the status.
If the domain parking is successful , you will have an option to map your custom domain to your 000webhost free subdomain domain.

000webhost doesn’t provide SSL certificate for custom domains

000webhosting doesn’t provide an SSL certificate for custom domains. You will not be able to use https on your custom domain on 000webhost.
To use SSL for your 000webhost custom domains you need to get an SSL first . You can get free https certificate for your domain from Cloudflare and then point your domain from Cloudflare to 000webhost.
The next section bellow will teach you how to point your Cloudflare domain to 000webhost.

How to connect Cloudflare domain to 000webhost

You can connect your Cloudflare domain to 000webhost using DNS CNAME records.

  • Login to your Cloudflare dashboard and select the domain you want to manage.
  • Select the “DNS” option and
    click on add new record.
    Cloudflare DNS menu icon
  • On the DNS page, create a new record, select
    “Type” CNAME .

    “Name” : yourdomain.com.

    “Target” : “[email protected]
    “TTL” : Automatic

    You must turn off the orange cloud otherwise 000webhost will not accept your domain as its behind a proxy server. You can turn it on later when your is linked to your hosting account successfully.
    This is main reason why users are unable to connect their Cloudflare domain to 000webhosting. You need to turn the yellow cloud off on the DNS page to connect your domain successfully. By turning the yellow cloud off you won’t be able to avail the SSL functionalities of Cloudflare but you can turn it on once your domain is verified in your 000webhosting account.
    Finally click on the “Save record” button to save your CNAME records.
    Cloudflare DNS for 000webhost

This is the easiest way to point your Cloudflare domain to 000webhost using CNAME.
Thanks for reading!

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