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Why you should avoid using Google blogger
Google blogger is a free blogging platform for people who love blogging and want to create a personal blog.
Blogger provides free blogging experience with limited resources to users. One of the biggest benefits of using Blogger is it’s free. You don’t have to pay for web and domain hosting and a nice blog can be created within minutes.

And the biggest downside of using Blogger is it limits your blogging experience.
Every successful blogger on the internet has used blogger once that’s when they started learning and then moved to a reliable blogging platform like
Blogger is the best platform for people who are learning to start a blog as it’s easy to customise with some basic things like “layout” , themes etc.
You can create a basic blog on blogger within a few seconds and start your blogging journey right away but there are some cons of using blogger to host your blog if you are going to create a blog that’s not personal but professional.
Based on my personal experience with Blogger , today in this post I am going to share with you some of the major disadvantages of using blogger.

Table of contents

  1. Google Blogger is not SEO friendly.
  2. Google Blogger provides limited blogging resources.
  3. You don’t own your blog.
  4. Your blogger blog won’t generate a good ads revenue.
  5. Limited blog layout and design

Blogger is not SEO friendly

Blogger is not SEO friendly

Dispite the fact that Blogger has added a new feature to edit “search description” on every blogger post, Blogger still lacks SEO. Your blog on blogspot isn’t going to rank on the first page even if you add your custom domain.

Unlike WordPress, your blog on blogspot will provide you limited options to write and edit a post. You can’t edit custom meta tags to each blog post. You can’t use SEO plugins like WordPress yoast SEO to improve your search engine ranking.
You can’t expect your blog to rank on search engines. This is the main disadvantage of using blogger for a professional blog.

Even if you write unique posts with minimum 1000 words your blogspot blog will not win the SEO . The reason behind this is probably the search engine ranking factor. Google knows what blog to rank on the first page. Google Blogger clearly stats this that “Blogger is for personal use only” so it’s obvious that your blogspot post isn’t going to rank on the first and second page in search result.

Blogger provides limited blogging resources

Blogger limited blogging resources

On blogger , you can create a free blog. You can change theme , you can add a custom domain and you can even add your custom theme but this isn’t enough to make your blog successful on the internet.
One of the most important aspects of blogging that the blogger lacks of is SEO.

You can’t customise your blogger URLs. You can’t use AMP on your blogspot blog.
AMP URLs provide a key role in SEO. A blog with AMP URLs rank higher in search results but Google Blogger doesn’t provide AMP plugin.
On a WordPress site, you can use plugins to customise your URLs , SEO and post but a blogspot blog doesn’t provide these functionalities .

Blogger adds a ?m prefix at the end of the URLs and there is no way to remove this query prefix.
I often see people arguing about blogspot blog on the internet open fourms like Quora where some people will suggest you to use AML theme for blogger but in reality blogger doesn’t support it.

You don’t own your blogspot blog

Yes. Your blog on blogspot is not yours. It’s owned by Google. Google has full authority to remove your blog from their database if they find your blog isn’t following their blog policies.

You hardwork might be deleted overnight if it contains something Google doesn’t like.

On WordPress , you have full control over your blog. Your blog won’t be deleted by hosting service . Hosting service provider deletes your account only if you fail to renew your hosting on time.

You are not going to earn a good amount from ads on blogspot blog

Google Blogger low earnings

It sounds odd but it’s true that your blogspot blog isn’t going to generate a good ads revenue for you even if you use your own custom domain.

Every blogger who creates a blog wants to get paid for his/her hardwork. Google Adsense is the the way to earn money for millions of bloggers in the world by displaying ads.

Some Adsense advertisers don’t want to share their ads on a website or blog hosted on free platform. Trust me I am saying this with my personal experience with Adsense on blogger. On a blogger blog with 10K daily traffic mostly from tier 1 countries like US ,UK I was not earning more then $10 daily.
And on a WordPress blog with a new domain my earnings increased $10 to $30 daily with just 2-5k visitors. That’s the real downside of using Adsense on a blogspot blog.
You need more and more search engine traffic to earn just a few dollars.

Limited themes and design

Google blogger limited themes and design

Another downside of using Google blogger for hosting your professional blog is its limited themes and design support. You can download your custom themes from internet and use it but the blogger still lacks its layout design . Unlike WordPress , on blogspot blog you get limited layout options to edit and customise your layout.
Your blog’s layout is important as it puts the first impression on your blog visitors. On a WordPress blog you can customise your blog the way want to and use the theme you like but on blogger you can’t .

And finally my advice for you is to use WordPress . But if you are just learning then you can start with blogger and then migrate your blog to WordPress.
Blogger provides import tool to download your blogger data including posts, pages , multimedia and comments. You can use this tool to download your blog and import the downloaded file to WordPress.
I hope the article was interested and you enjoyed reading it.

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