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I bought my very first laptop in 2014. I ordered it online from eBay stroe in the United States.
The delevery took quite a long time . It took about 25 days for the parcel to reach India.

The image of my first laptop.

Asus notebook PC v451L

My Asus notebook PC 

Technical specifications of my first Asus notebook

  • Intel i5 forth generation
  • RAM 6GB installed
  • Hard drive 500GB
  • Oprating Software windows 8.1
  • Touch screen
Asus Vivobook v451L technical specifications

Technical specifications

This is actually a 4th generation PC proving all the functionalities a modern PC must have.

The unique thing about this Asus Notebook is its multi touch screen. You can touch anywhere on the screen and operate the PC without using keyboard.

It’s a 14inch display PC. The processor is awesome .

The 6GB RAM is enough to perform multiple tasks on this PC.

One thing that always attracts me towards Asus is the battery performance. This PC had a 5 hours battery backup when I bought it but the backup kept decreasing year by year as its normal for all electric things.
Even today , after 7 years this Laptop has 2 hours battery life.
2 hours battery backup is enough for a laptop. Even some new laptops don’t have a two hours battery life

I charge my laptop battery with special care

My Asus notebook PC still has a good battery backup even after 7 years.
I charge its battery multiple times a day as I use it about 8 hours per day.
I follow the Asus charging manual that says “Don’t use your PC while charging” .

Some experts advise not to charge your PC till 100 percent and I follow that instruction as well.
I let my laptop battery drain to 10% before plugging in the charger.

My thought on the 6GB RAM PC

6 Gigabyte of RAM is pretty much enough to do some basic tasks like “Video editing , browsing the web ,Editing code , but you can’t play games even if you have an i5 64bit machine.
I tried installing a basic cricket game on my 6GB RAM but it crashed the system.

Android studio on 6GB RAM

Android Studio doesn’t work on 6GB RAM.
The minimum system requirement to use Android studio is 4GB RAM but my PC failed to open the software as it using a regular hard drive. You need SSD instead of Hard drive to use the Android studio software.

I basically use my Asus PC for web browsing, and writing code. It’s not a coding PC but it works for most of the coding tasks.
You can install code editors and Webservers on this PC.
I have both Apache and IIS servers installed on the Asus notebook and the system is performing very well.

You can do pretty much all thing on a middle-end PC. I call it middle-end because It’s neither a low-end nor a high performance .
6GB RAM is good but if you want to install some high performance softwares like Android studio and Filmora then you will either need to upgrade your RAM or upgrade hard drive to SSD.

I bought a Samsung 1TB SSD drive for my ASUS PC and replaced the hard drive with that.

And with that upgrade, I can now use all high performance softwares on my 6GB RAM. The processing is fast and smooth now.

My Asus Notebook PC is Windows8

Asus notebook PC windows8 screenshot

When I bought this PC in 2014, windows 10 was being implemented . Windows 8 was a popular OS system that time. My PC came with Win8 activated window that I later updated to windows 8.1 .
The sensitive touch screen works perfectly fine on Windows 8 .

I never upgraded my PC to Windows10 because I know its not made for that.

The Price : How much Asus notebook costed me

The actual price of this PC was $1000 in the strore but with a special offer it was available with 20% discount. I paid $800 including the shipping charges.
I was happy and satisfied with that deal as this was an imported machine .
My Asus notebook pc’s model number is V451L . It’s unique and not much sold worldwide .

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