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In this post I will show you how to tune guitar using an Android device. I have also created a youtube video about the same topic. You can watch the following video.

Tuning an untuned guitar isn’t that difficult. You don’t need to be an expert to do it. All you need is a “Guitar tuner application” installed on your smartphone.

Why should you retune your guitar?

Your guitar needs to be retuned regularly in order to avoid harsh sound. If you play guitar multiple times a day then your guitar needs to be returned daily as the string nuts may be loose due to heavy strumming load. You need to retune When the guitar string breakes and a new one is installed.

Tune guitar using your smartphone

To tune your guitar you need to install a guitar tuner software on your phone. There are thousands of free Guitar tuner applications available on google play store but the best one that works 100 percent is [Guitar Tuna] its the name of the application that can help you fix your guitar. This application uses your phone’s microphone in order to hear your guitar. When you strum any string the App will identify which string you are playing and tell you what needs to be improved.
Guitar tuna is a very user friendly application . You can tune your guitar within minutes using this app.

Playstore link to download GuitarTuna app

You can download GuitarTuna app from the Google playStore and install it on your phine. The following is the app link :


Tuning guitar with Guitar Tuna app

Its very easy to tune guitar with GuitarTuna application. Once the app is installed ,

  • open the application.
  • Allow microphone access to the app.
  • Select your instrument (guitar).
  • Turn on the auto mode.

Once these settings are done , your app is ready for guitar tuning. You can put your phone on the guitar body or keep it near so that it can hear your guitar sound. Now press any string on your guitar the app will automatically identify which string was pressed and will tell you what needs to be done in order to improve the tuning.

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