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Many facebook users log in to facebook using their phone number and password. But did you know there are 3 more ways to log in to facebook.
In this post I will share with you the other three ways that makes the facebook login easier for everyone.

Facebook login with phone number and password

Logging to facebook using phone number and password is the first choice of million of fb users as it is a recommended method to login. Phone number is easier to remember. When you add and verify your phone number in fb profile facebook sets it as your facebook username that can be used to inidentify your account during login. You can’t use an unverified phone number to login.

Facebook login with email address and password

Another way to log in to fb is email/password combination. You can use your verified email id instead of phone number to log in to your account. In order to use email as login your email must be verified on Facebook.

Facebook login with username and password

You can also use your facebook username to login to fb. To use username instead of phone number or email your username must be set on facebook. If you haven’t created a username for your account yet, you can follow this link to create one.

Facebook login with UserId and pasdsword

It is also possible to log in to fb using facebook userId and password combination. Each facebook profile is associated with an unique numbic id . Your facebook id looks something like 110006890678 . You can find your facebook id on this site findmyfbid.com .

Hope this post was helpful! Thank you for reading!

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