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How to earn monry online

How to earn money online

“How to earn money online” , “how do i make money online” , “how to earn money instantly online” ,”How to earn money fast online”  : these are the most common  search terms people often use on the web. If you search the web with one of these three search terms You will get millions of search results that exactly match the term and thousands of people sharing their views and experiences on this particular topic.  And if you are searching this term for the first time , You will probably click the first or the second search result and continue reading their article with deep interest from top to bottom. At the end of the article you will realize how easy it is to earn hundreds of dollars per month sitting at home and you would ask yourself “Is earning money online really that easy?”

Its Not just you but there are many other people also who want to know whether its possible or not to make a good amount of money online and how can one achieve this.  

Well, earning money online is quite  possible.  But you can not earn money by just browsing the web. To earn something you need to share your knowledge, experience and skill with others on the internet. There are alot of people who are earning a good amount of money from the web. To earn money online you need to have expert knowledge and skill and interest  so that you can  share on the web ie : web development, blogging, language knowledge, social media  ..etc.

In this post I am going to share some basic “earn money online” tips based on my personal experiences  hopping that this post will be helpful and point you in the right direction.

How to earn money online from the web

There are thousands of ways to earn money online from the web but We will not talk about all those “thousands” ways here we will just cover some of the basic 100% working ways that can help you achieve your goal in life.

Earn money online by Blogging

Earn money by Blogging

You can earn money by blogging. Blogging is one of the most preferred way of earning money online. Millions of bloggers are already earning money. There are many online blogging platforms  like Blogger , WordPress which allow you to create an awasome blog on the internet without any coding experience. Google blogger is a free blogging platform for bloggers.  You can create and host your own blog on blogger and write articles that you are interested in and have experience in . Once your blog starts receiving a good amount of web traffic  you can activate Google Adsense to display ads on your blog to start earning money from ad clicks and ad impressions.  You won’t earn money instantly by blogging, it can take some time  so you need to keep patience.  Write good and unique articles with minimum 500 word length and keep your blog updated. 

To start blogging you must have some basic experience , knowledge and skills in the category you are going to write blog articles about. For example If you are a web developer with front-end skill you will write Articles about web designs and front-end technologies.

Earn money from Youtube channel

How to earn money from Youtube

Youtube.com is the most visited site in the world after Facebook and Google.  People often visit youtube to find solutions , learn  and intertain themselves. And everyday millions of videos are posted to youtube server.  People often post videos on youtube so that they can earn money from them.
Earning money by Youtube is easy . You just need to have some basic knowledge about any category you will post videos about. You can create your own channel on youtube  and post  videos to share your ideas, knowledge , views and experiences. Once your channel becomes popular and reaches 1k subscriber you can then activate   Google Adsense to display ads on your videos and earn money by ad clicks.

Earn money online doing Freelance work


You can earn online by doing freelane work. The top two  freelancer sites  on the internet are freelancer.com and upwork.com . Freelancer is where people post  task online and you get paid when you complete that task. If you have knowledge and skill in any field like Web development/design, writing etc.. you can join freelancer or upwork and start helping others with their issues to earn money.

Earn money from Social media accounts

Social media

Social media is another good option to make some money online. If you have a facebook page or twitter account with more then 100K followers then  you can easily earn money by promoting other users posts and their ads on your account. To start earning money by  social media platforms like fb and twitter your account must be popular and a huge audience reach per day. You can grow your page audience by posting unique posts and media so that a huge audience can reach your account.  Some people also earn money by creating games on facebook gaming platforms . If you are a web developer and have knowledge about html gaming you can post your own game on fb platform  to earn money from facebook.

Earn money by completing Paid surveys

Earn money by completing Paid surveys

Paid survey is a type of service where you submit your feedback, opinion and experience about the product you use .   There are many online websites on the internet which provide paid survey and you get paid when you post your survey on these sites. You can find online paid survey sites making a search  “Paid survey” on google.  There are hundreds of sites that host  paid survey . Some survey websites even pay upto 5USD per survey so this is a good option for you to earn money online with zero investment .

Earn money by web referral program

Web referral program

Some websites and apps like Google pay, Paytm, Godaddy ,hostinger etc.. pay for referring their URLs to other users. You can earn money by joinng their referral program. This is an easy and instant way to earn some money online.  All you need to do is  join their referral service where they provide you  with an unique URL which you can share with your friends  and when your friends visit the URL and join the same platform you get paid.

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