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With new features on India Post payments bank app, now its possible to link your account to all payments platforms such as GooglePay, Bhim, PayTm and Bhim. Earlier it wasn’t possible as Ippb did not provide UPI and Debit cards to users. Now with new and updated features we can create UPI handlers for our account and we also can request an online vartual debit card.

India Post Payments bank vartul debit card

India Post Payments bank now provides vartul debit card to users. The card type you will get is Rupay debit card and it can be used to make all online transactions in India and you can connect your account to GooglePay and other platforms with this card.
Here is how your new IPPB online rupay card will look like

How to get India Post Payments Bank virtual debit card?

Its that simple and it only takes a few minutes to get your online IPPB debit card. All you have to do is click on the virtual card menu in your IPPB app and send a request for new debit card. IPPB will charge a fee of 25inr as one time fee for the issuance of new virtual rupay card. You card will get activated instantly .
Ippb screenshot
You can manage and set card limit in your card section on the App.

IPPB new features

IPPB has improved its online banking alot now. Now there are many useful feature like UPI, send payment, request payment etc.
Ippb debit card

Now we can create custom UPI handlers for our account . Earlier it wasn’t possible to create a new UPI with custom texts as there was a fixed and default UPI in “mobNo1.ippb” format and there was no way to change it. Now with new BHIM UPI feature we can create UPI in the following format [email protected] and map it to our account.

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