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How to connect a domain to godaddy hosting?

In this post I will show you how to point a domain registered on a different host to godaddy hosting.
We will learn how to point a domain that is regestered on an different host like Hostinger, bigrock , bluehost etc.. to godaddy shared hosting.

Connecting a domain that you regestered on godaddy to its hosting is easy as you do not need to worry about additional DNS set up and with just a few clicks You can easily map your domain to hosting but if the domain is not on godaddy then it might seem a bit coplicated task especially to beginners who are new to this web hosting thing.

Connecting a remote domain to godaddy shared hosting

Godaddy provides an unique host ip address that maps to your hosting account . You can find the hosting IP address on your hosting dashboard.

Go to your Godaddy dashboard and click on “hosting” you will see a page that looks something like the following .

Click on “Server”.

Copy the IP address from there because you will need this to set up DNS on your domain register.

Add DNS A record on your domain

After copying the Godaddy hosting IP address your next step is to add a DNS record on your domain so that it can point to your web hosting server.

Adding DNS record to domain is as easy as ABC. You can do it manually.

Here is how you will add DNS A record to your domain:

  • Go to your domain hosting dashboard and open the DNS tab on your domain provider.
  • Click on Add new record
  • Select the record type A
  • Here is DNS A example record, do settings as following:

    A = record type.
    Name = www.yourdomain.com
    IP = Your web hosting IP address.
    TTL = automatic.
    Press the update button.

  • In the “Name field” add your domain name ie “www.example.com” or you can also add “@” this means all subdomain of example.com . If you add “www” this will only map your “www” subdomain .
  • In the “IP” field you need to add your hosting ip address that you copied from your Godaddy dashboard.
  • After doing these DNS changes on your domain , press the add record or update button . This will save your DNS settings on the domain and it will map to your webhosting.

Here is the cloudflare DNS A record screenshot

You may need to wait up 24 hours if the DNS changes doesn’t reflect immediately and make sure to crear your browser cache before testing your URL.

Hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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