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How to fix GoDaddy AMP error

Godaddy uses RUM (Real User Metrics) a web based program to collect informations such as “Page load speed” , “connection time” ,”website performance” from websites they host. They do so to improve their customer experiences.

See Why am I signed up for Godaddy analytics

They inject a custom JavaScript code at the end of the closing body tag to all webpages to collect user informations.

If you are using Godaddy hosting on a normal webpage then you will not face any issue with the RUM program. The problem is only when using AMP webpages.

If you validate your AMP page using google validator you will get the following validation error:

“custom JavaScript not allowed”

This can prevent your AMP webpages from being indexed in google search database.

This is because of the Godaddy Anlytics script that is injected by default.

Here is the demo Godaddy RUM script

<script>'undefined'=== typeof _trfq || (window._trfq = []);'undefined'=== typeof _trfd &&(window._trfd=[]),_trfd.push(


// Monitoring performance to make your website faster. If you want to opt-out, please contact web hosting support.
<script src='https://img1.wsimg.com/tcc/tcc_l.combined.1.0.6.min.js'></script>

How to disable/Opt out of Godaddy anlytics

Godaddy uses RUM analytics script for a good reason as they want to understand how your website works and they use this information to improve user experiences. People who use AMP on their websites hosted on godaddy now get an “invalid AMP page” error in google search console as the custom JavaScript by godaddy gets inserted on their AMP page .

You can solve this either by contacting your hosting provider (Godaddy) via phone , email, live chat or
by using Godaddy “Opt out” form.

Here is how you can disable the analytics script yourself from godaddy Dashboard:

  • Go to your godaddy dashboard and select hosting or you can also use this link to navigate to your hosting dashboard.
  • Select the hosting account you want to disable RUM script on.
  • Now on the hosting page click on the top menu located on the left side and select Godaddy Analytics.

    Godaddy Menu dashboard

  • Now you will see the opt out/in form where you can enable/disable the custom JavaScript.

    Godaddy RUM form

    Check the “No , I don’t want to participate in the program” and press “Confirm” . This will immediately remove the script from your web pages and you can revalidate your AMP pages to fix the issue on search console.

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