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A few days ago I migrated from WordPress to blogger. I had a self hosted wordpress blog on my website that I had been using for almost one year . The reason why I had to change the blogging platform and move to blogger was because the webhost I was hosting my site on was a expensive and out of my budget as I had to pay almost 10 USD for one month hosting on hostinger.in .
I had more then 50 blog posts on WordPress and all those postes were receiving up to 1k organic traffic daily. To not lose the SEO rank of my domain I downloaded all my WordPress posts, media data and imported it to google blogger and set up 301 redirects. Thanks to the WordPress Export tool because with this tool you can easily download all of your web files and media data.
Google blogger is a free blogging platform for blogger meaning that you can host your blog completely free. You can even use your own domain there and this feature makes it unique but you can’t compare it with WordPress because WordPress is more powerful then this one and you can customize everything there.
In this post I am going to share a solution to switch to blogger from WordPress. You will learn how to move your existing blog posts from one platform to the other.

WordPress to blogger

The migration process is as simple as ABC and it only takes five to ten minutes (for me the migration process took only 5minutes) or may take longer depending on the size of your WordPress data.

Download your WordPress data

First of all you need to download your WordPress blog data it includes your images,videos,comments,,wp posts, etc.., go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click tools/export on the left side menu

Now on this page you can choose what type of data you want to download

The All contents means your all WordPress existing data including blog posts, pages, comments, images, layout etc. You can also choose Posts or other specific options depending on your need but since you are going to import the wp data into blogger so choose All contents and press the Download export file button .
This will save the file on your device as filename.xml

Import WordPress export file into blogger

Now that you have the WordPress export file on your device, your next step is to import it into blogger.
Go to your blogger dashboard and click settings/other in the left main menu and press the Import contents button :

Now on the next window, click the checkbox to prove that your are a human and finally press the import from computer button.

The file uploading process will start automatically as you choose the file from your device.
The file uploading process can take 2-5 minutes on blogger but for some reasons if your file doesn’t get uploaded or you end up seeing a never ending status “Reading your post data” on the blogger import tool page, then chances are that your WordPress export file is not compressed to be used for blogger. This happened with me when I was importing the file to blogger. After 2 minutes of google search I found a tool to compress WordPress export file. The link to the tool is https://wordpress-to-blogger-converter.appspot.com . You can compress the file on this tool and reupload it to blogger.
Once the uploading process is complete on blogger, you will see a list of all imported posts and comments. The posts will appear in your “Posts” folder in your blogger dashboard.

One important thing to take note of WP to blogger migrations is that the WordPress export file doesn’t contain images ,videos and other multimedia data. If your blog post contains images then you will need to manually edit the SRC attribute of each image on blogger. You can manually download all the images and upload them to blogger so that you can display the image in your blog post.

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