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Twitter user accounts are often suspended when those accounts do not follow
twitter rules
and continue performing invalid account activities . Twitter account suspension is of two types

  1. Temporary suspension
  2. Permanent suspension

Temporary account suspension aka “Account Locked” is a normal suspension on your account. This account lock check is used by twitter to ensure that you are a real person and not a robot.

Sometimes when logging in to your Twitter you see an error pop up “Your account has been temporary locked and down the error pop pup box you see a google captcha .
To reactivate your account you press on the captcha check box and press on continue button to activate your account.

This type of account suspension is put by twitter just to make sure the person logging in to twitter is a real human being and it protects your account from bots and other third party apps.

Permanent account suspension is a permanent type suspension of your Twitter account.

If your account is mistakenly suspended you can appeal twitter to reactivate it. In most cases twitter twitter permanent suspension is applied to accounts that do not follow twitter rules.

Twitter engine keeps an eye on accounts that hit twitter limits and puts them immediately in spam category. Once your account is permanently suspended, there are only 5-10 % chances that you will get your account back .

Sometimes a real person account is suspended . If your account is wrongly suspended by twiiter, You can use the help form of twitter to explain it to them. They will then check your Twitter activity if everything goes normal your account will be reactivated.

Twitter invalid activities

Twitter accounts are often suspended when the following activites happen on a user account:

  • Hitting the follow limit
  • Unfollowing and then following the same user
  • Mass following
  • Mass unfolling
  • Authorising unknow apps
  • Posting offensive tweets

Hitting the follow limit The current follow limit on twittr is 400 users/1 day which means you can only follow 250 users in one day period. Verified users can follow up to 1000 users in 1 day. This limit is devided into hours. You can not follow all 250 users in 1 hour. For more users this is the main reason of suspension when they hit this

unollowing and then refollowing the same user multiple times is considered as invalid activity and can lead to permanent suspension.
mass following is an activity of following multiple account at ones by a 3rd party app or software. This type of activity is the main reason of account suspension for most users.
mass unfollowing unfollowing multiple users at ones by a third party app.However Unfolloing on twitter isnt considered as invalid activity but if you perform mass unfollowing action on your account multiple times then your account can be in danger.
Authorising known apps Your twitter account can get suspended if you authorize access to an unknown third party apps. Some web based apps get access to your account and perform post actions. Do not authorize such apps and if you have already authorized you can revoke access to that application from apps settings.
Posting offensive tweets/spam tweets You can not post tweets that contain offensive, suicidal and threat related contents. Also the copy and paste tweets from other twitter user are considered as spam.
If you continue repeating all the invalid actions above then obviously your account is going to be suspended and you will never be able to reactivate your account.

Tips to keep your twitter account safe and secure

Use twitter in safe mode
To keep your twitter account safe and away from suspension, you need to use twitter in a positive manner.

  • Never hit the follow limit :-
    Twitter follow limit which is 400 accounts/per day for a normal user while a verified account with blue badge can follow up to 1000 users in a single dy.
  • Do not unfollow and then refollow the same account repeatedly:-
    Following and then unfollow the same user account is considered as an illigal activity. Your account can get suspended if you continue this behavior.
  • Bulk unfollow:
    Normally Twitter doesnt have limit on how many users you can unfollow in a single day. You can unfollow an unlimited number of account using twitter or third party apps but keep in mind that bulk unfollow/ unfollowing multiple users in single call is illigal . To keep your account safe , unfollow users safly one by one .
  • Do not follow multiple users from a users following or follow list:-
    This action is considered as spam. You can insted follow users from “Who to follow” option on twitter.
  • Beaware of third party apps:-
    Do not authorize unknown apps with your twitter account. Some third party twitter apps can spam your account and timeline with their custom tweets and post actions. Check the site and its reviews carefully before authorizing access.
  • Do not post spam or other person’s tweet :-
    When posting a tweet , make sure that the tweet you are posting does not contain offensive, other person’s tweet and copyrighted multimedia contents.

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