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Google search engine gives an extra priority to top ranked pages by showing them at the top of search results with a dedicated layout. A top ranked page with a specific keyword often shows at the top of search results. When you search a keyword or phrase in Google,sometimes you see a webpage with extra metadata and contents at the top it could either be a YouTube video or a webpage.
A top ranked page looks something like the following in search results:

While a normal webpage is shown with limited words in title and description

These pages are generated automatically by google based on user searches and the page contents.
Google uses an algorithm to find such pages from their search index and put it in the top ranked category.
A webpage with most views and unique contents is selected as the top search page.

What pages appear at the top?

Google search engine automatically shows a top ranked page at the top in results. If your webpage has a good quality contents and written in proper html and has unique and orignal contents then the chances are that your page may be selected. Although it may be a bit tough for a new webpage to get to this stage but if you follow all the basic steps you can easily get your new page to that golden level.

steps to make your webpage appear on the top of google search results

To achieve the first place in Google search, your webpage must have unique contents. Choose a topic that has not been well addressed. There may be thousands of other site pages with the same topic as yours but your page should contain better informations then those pages. Word count is what makes the huge impact in SEO. Google search engine respects a webpage with more contents. Write a post with more then 1000 words.

Use proper HTML. A good combination of headings and paragraphs makes it possible for your page to rank higher in search results. Your webpge must have at least two h1 and p tags with enough informations. Google sometimes uses h1 tag as title and p tag as description in search results.
HTML Lists UL or OL tag also plays an important role in SEO. Use these tags to provide informations about the topic you discuss in your webpage. Do not forget to close html tags. Unclosed html tags can conflict with your site layout and other tags so always make sure to close them at the end. You can use HTML checker tool provided by W3c to validate your page contents.
Use AMP. AMP pages load faster in webbrowser. If your website load speed is low , then use AMP version of your webpages. You can download the AMP plugin from wordpress and AMP from google if your website is non-wp. AMP pages rank higher in google search results and load faster in chrome.
Use friendly url WordPress automatically converts a page or post URL in friendly URL format. If you have non-wp site you can use your htaccess or server.config file to rewrite your URLs. Google loves short URLs. If your website generates query string type url ie : example.com/user.php?u=jon. You can convert into a short form example.com/user/john using your htaccess file.
Short URLs not only improve your search rankings but also make the URLs human readable. Your visitors can easily remember and bookmark the URL.
Use a good web layout layout of a webpage makes the impression for your site visiters. Use a simple and good layout that has easy navigation menus and displays the webpage in responsive format.
Avoid using javascript based navigation When writing front end navigation code , use a tag instead of javascript based navigation. Javascript based navigation can make it hard for a search bot to crawl the other linked pages on your site and visitors who visit your site with a javascript disabled browser can find it hard to navigate to other pages.

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