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In this post I will tell you how to forword your new godaddy domain to your favourite social networks or other sites. Forwording a domain means redirecting it to other urls.

So you just regestered a new domain on Godaddy and you don’t know what to do next?
Don’t worry!

I will explain the domain forwording process step by step so you can easily
manipulate it on your domain register.

Forwording a godaddy domain

Godaddy has all the tools available to redirect your domain. Domain forwording on Godaddy is free meaning that you don’t pay for the forwarding service.
To redirect domain to your favourite destination url go to your godaddy dashboard and follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to your godaddy account and visit
    dashboard->yourAccount->domain Management
  • select the domain you want to manage

  • On the next page , click on manage DNS link
  • Now you are on Domain DNS page. Go to the forwording option and press the Add link to add your forwarding record for your domain. There you can see two links :

    1. Domain not set up Add
    2. Subdomain not set up Add

The first link will redirect you to edit forwording records for your main domain ie example.com.
The second one lets you edit records for your subdomain ie www.example.com . But for now lets go and create main domain records:

  • On the next page you will see a form like the following:

  • Forwording setting

    • Select https or http and type the destination domain name in the domain field. For example If you are pointing this domain to your facebook page URL ,write facebook.com/pageName in the field.
    • forword type
      In the forward type field select 301 if you want to permanantly redirect this domain else select 302. 302 is a temporary redirect. Select 302 if you want to redirect your domain temporary or for a few days or weeks.
    • settings

      forword only method redirects your domain from one location to the other. Ie example.com to facebook.com . This will change the URL in your browser address bar from example.com to facebook.com . This method is recommended . Select this if you want to redirect your domain to facebook, twitter or other popular sites.
      forword with masking means your url will not change in browser. example.com will show you contents from your destination site URL. Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites do not allow domain marking . Select this if you want to redirect your domain to other websites.
      And click on check box to update your settings on Godaddy DNS server.
      Finally press the save button and wait for a few seconds to reflect changes on your server. That’s it.
      To verify your domain forwording, type the URL of your domain in browser ie http://example.com if you successfully get redirected to the destination domain URL then , Cool!!! If you still see errors then try clearing your browser cache or use a different browser for testing your domain.

      Hope it was helpful!
      Thanks for reading!

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