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AMP for wordpress is an AMP plugin that converts wordpress pages into AMP format . The plugin automatically enables AMP version of your blog posts. AMP pages load faster then normal html pages in a web browser and can help rank your site higher in search engines. If you have a wordpress site you can easily install AMP for WordPress and customise it to use on your site. To install the plugin on your wordpress site go to
Dashboard->plugin->add new plugin
and type “AMP” in the search field.
The AMP plugin we use on this site is AMP for WP

AMP plugin for WordPress

install and activate it.
Once the plugin is activated, you will see a new AMP menu in your wordpress dashboard.

WordPress AMP dashboard

You can view the AMP version of your pages just by adding /amp at the end of your page URL ie : yoursite.com/page/amp/ .
Customize the look and feel of your AMP pages from the setting.

display google adscene ads on AMP pages

Your AMP pages might not show normal html based adscene ads. For adscene code to work on AMP you need to use AMP Adsense .

Go to your Adsense account and activate AMP auto ads. The following are the steps to activate it :

  • Go to your account Ads->auto ads and press the Auto ads for amp button

    Adsense auto ads for WordPress amp
  • On the next page turn on the toggle button :

    Adsense auto ad setup for WordPress AMP

    You can now copy the adscene header and ad code. Copy the header code and put in it in between <head> and </head> in your theme header.php file. The adscene code you copy from the second text box is what will display ads on your AMP pages. Copy and paste it to the body section of your document. You can also put it individually in each posts. If you do not have access to header.php file in your wordpress site then you can also install Insert header and footer plugin and Add header ad code by it. We use the same plugin on this site to insert header codes.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.

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