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Blogger vs WordPress

WordPress vs Blogger

“Blogger vs wordpress” or “should I choose wordpress or blogger” are two frequent questions that every new blogger has on their mind. Even I had to find a perfect answer for this when I started blogging years ago. Today in this post I will try to explain the difference and what platform you should use and why you should use it based on my personal experience.


Blogger is a blog-publishing program provided by google. Google blogger is a free blog publishing platform that allows users to create a free blog without any investment and coding experience. Blogger provides hundreds of free per customized templates to create an awasome blog on the internet. You don’t need to be a coding expert to start your website or blog on blogger platform.


WordPress provides two different blogging platforms to bloggers

  1. WordPress.com (blog)
  2. WordPress.org (blog CMS)

wordpress.com is a like blogger where you can create a free blog with wordpress.com subdomain or you can also add a custom domain on their paid plan. WordPress also provides an open source blog CMS for blogger on wordpress.org. wordpress.org is an open source blog project which you can intigrate with your webiste to create a new blog.

Why blogger?

Google blogger is especially desined for users who want to create a personal web blog without any investment. One of the main concerns of every blogger is hosting. On blogger you get free hosting and a subdomain for your blog.

Blogger provides you a free blogging experience. Without worrying about hosting and domain charges you can go live within minutes. If you are new in blogging world then blogger is a perfect fit for you to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge through blog on the internet. You can also monetise your blog to earn money by placing adsense ads on your blog on blogger.

Why not blogger?

Blogger limits your blogging scope as you have limited features available there.
One of the worst things about blogger is your contents copyright. When you post something to blogger, the blogger holds the full right to remove your blog posts if it goes against their terms and conditions. They can even remove your blog anytime .

If you are going to create a professional blog then I would suggest you not to use blogger but rather use wordpress CMS or any other paid platform where you can better manage contents.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most used blogging CMS. More then 70% websites are using wordpress. One of the best things about wordpress is its installation proccess. You can easily download the source code from wordpress.org website and upload it to your website to create an awasome and professional blog. On wordpress you get unlimited free themes and plugins to manipulate your site. Another best thing about wordpress CMS is that you hold the full right to your contents. Whatever you post to your website is copyright by you. There are hundreds of SEO plugins you can download to improve SEO of your blog. You can even use your own CSS design for your wordpress bblog. WordPress source code is free to dowload but you need a hosting to setup your blog.

You can create a SEF blog with wordpress

with WordPress you have full control over your blog SEO. You can download SEO plugins to manage title , Description, keyword , keyphrases and URL appearance of each post. There are tons of free and paid seo plugins on wordpress which can help your blog rank better in search results.

You can create a professional blog on wordpress.com

WordPress.com provides both blog hosting and domain . If you dont have a domain or hosting server you can buy a hostning plan on wordpress.com and host your blog there with them on a safe a trusted hosting platform .

Still confused about choosing a blogging platform?

If you are still wondering what platform you should choose then my suggestion for you would be start by creating a free blog eather on wordpress.com or blogger.com . A free blog on these platform will not only help improve your blogging experience but you will also get a better ideas to implement your blogging skill.

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