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Why do we prefer a .com domain ?

Dot com is the king of all domain TLDs. Alsomst everyone who uses the internet knows what a .com is.
Dot com is everyone’s favorite TLD. A .com is the first choice of every web developer.
Everyone wants to add a .com at the end of their name. Some people even spend 10x or more to get a com domain.
The one big reason behind why .COM is so popular among people is because it is one of the oldest and most used TLDs on the internet. The older it is the more popular it is.

The following Wikipedia screenshot shows the .com TLD is now 34 years old.

.com was originally introduced for commercial purposes in 1985 but later it became available for general public. And that was time .com started gaining popularity over the internet .

Search engines love .com TLD

Search engines also love .com TLD.
When you search something on google the first 5 top results you get are the pages hosted on .com domains?. Perhaps , because google automatic search filter likes to shows results by com domain and its popularity .
.com is number one search engine friendly extension on the internet. Google , yahoo , Bing and other search engines automatically reach a live website with .com domain extension to index and put it in their databases.

That’s probably the reason why we all love a .com .

.xyz vs .com

.xyz is an alternative and new version of .com. In 2019 If you cant find your perfact .com domain then xyz is your next good option. choosing an xyz extension for your business or blog isnt a bad idea. XYZ means much more then .COM . Even the google uses xyz for their Alphabet project. Although xyz is a new TLD and not everyone is familiar with it but it is a Global and search engines friendly TLD like com. Xyz is easier to remember and write.

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