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Top 3 shared SSL certificate providers 2021

Are you looking for a free SSL certificate for your website?
If yes.. then read on! The post is for you.
In this post we will talk about three popular ssl providers that provide free SSL.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are small data files that enable https protocol and green padlock icon on your website. SSL certificate makes your site secure and protects it against DDoS and man in the middle attacks.

Why do you need an SSL for your website?

SSL certificate enables https on your website which means your website is secure to visit. If you are storing passwords,usernames, card details and other sensitive informations of your users on your website then an SSL certificate is required for you to keep your user’s data safe and build trust between you and your users.
Google search engine gives priority to an https domain and marks it as secure site.
A website with https protocol always appears at the top of other non-https sites in search results.
Google chrome browser shows a red warning icon in browser address bar for a non-https site.

Here is how a secure and a non-https websites appear in google chrome browser :

Insecure URL warning in Chrome

How to get an SSL certificate?

There are two types of SSL certs Paid SSS and the other is Shared SSL.

To get a paid SSL certificate, you need to pay for the company that provide you the certificate.
A shared certificate is a type of certificate you get for free.
As I already mentioned in the beginning of this post, I created this post to share 3 free ssl providers, so lets focus on that now.

Free ssl providers

1) Cloudflare

Cloudflare free SSL certificates

    Cloudflare CDN: cloudflare.com
    Cloudflare not only enables https on your website but also boosts your website and improves the page load speed.
    If you don’t know how to upload ssl certificate files to your website or having problems manually uploading the certificate files then cloudflare is a better option for you. You just need to create an account on cloudflare and add your domain to their CDN. Its that simple and takes just a few minutes.
    Once your domain is varified on cloudflare , you automatically get a free ssl within 2 to 12 hours.

2) sslforfree

SSL for free

  • sslforfree :sslforfree.com

    You can get a free ssl certificate from this provider and upload it manually to your website through your webhosting cpanel. To get a free ssl certificate from this provider you must first varify your domain. You can varify your domain easily using one of the verification methods provided on sslforfree.com .

3) letsencript

Let's encript free SSL certificate

  • letsEncript.com is one of the most trusted and most used shared ssl provider on the internet today. Millions of websites and blogs are already encripted by LetsEncript .
    Even Google blogger uses it for custom blogspot domains.
    You can get a free wildcard SSLfor your domain and upload it manually to your domain using SSH access. You can also ask your hosting provider to enable letsEncript certificate on your domain on behalf of you if you are not sure how to upload the certificate.

I hope you enjoyed the post . Please post a comment bellow if you have any questions or suggestions regarding free SSL providers.

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