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Why cloudflare analytics tool shows more web traffic data then Google webmaster or google analytics ?

Cloudflare vs google analytics

Are you wondering why your cloudflare analytics tool shows you more web traffic then the google webmaster tool?

Google webmaster and cloudflare analytics are two different tools to track web traffic. They use different techniques to track your website traffic.

Google uses javascript based technique to determine and understand your site traffic. And only those visits that come through Google search engines are tracked by Google. Direct traffic to your website isn’t tracked.

Your website visitors who have disabled javascript in their browser visit your website anonymously as they aren’t captured by google.
Google tool also doesn’t track bot traffic so it’s obvious that your Google analytics will show you less traffic data as compared to Cloudflare.

How does cloudflare track website traffic?

Cloudflare on the other hand, uses a different technology.

Cloudflare tracks each visitor and bot requests that visit your website regardless of whether your visitors come by a javascript enabled browser or not.

The reason why your cloudflare Unique visiters and Totel requests numbers are always high is because cloudflare tracks each visit for example if your webpage has three images on it then if you visit your page cloudflare will count your visit as 4 requests.

Cloudflare also captures bot requests meaning that when search engines come to crawl your website they are also treated as vistors.

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