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Tumblr is a popular blogging site on the internet with lots of interesting unique features and ways to share a post. Did you know Tumblr allows you to use a custom domain name instead of their you.tumblr.com . On Tumblr you can use your own domain name that you have already registered on any domain registar. Adding your own domain to your Tumblr blog completely changes the url of your blog from Tumblr to yourdomain. In this post I will explain the whole process and how you can go about adding your unique domain name to Tumblr. So keep reading!!

Adding a custom domain to Tumblr

Custom domain is the domain that you own and have already registered somewhere with a domain hosting service.
To add custom domain to your Tumblr blog, follow the following steps :
Change your DNS : to add your domain to Tumblr first of all you will need to set a DNS CNAME record on your domain register. To add a DNS CNAME record , go to the domain dashboard of your domain provider and Select “DNS” to add following CNAME entries:

Tumblr CNAME records

Name : blog.yourdomain.com (you can change the “blog” to whatever subdomain you want to use for Tumblr. If you want to use your root domain insted of a subdomain then you will need to add A record as CNAME doesn’t apply to root domain. To add DNS A record , open your DNS settings and add the following entries Name : example.com content : : ip

Once you have added these records, you can go to the Tumblr blog settings to add the domain . Follow the steps bellow:

  • Go to setting page.
  • Click on the change url pen icon (this option will be at the top of other setting inputs) .
  • Now , click on the “use custom domain” toggle button. Your screen will look something like you see in the screenshot below:

    Tumblr change URL

  • Add your domain or subdomain to the input text field and press the test domain button. You will get a DNS error if something goes wrong or your domain isn’t correctly pointing to Tumblr DNS. To fix this error , check your Domain DNS entries again to make sure they are ok and clear your browser cache to test your URL again. If you get tumbler error page when going to blog.example.com This means that your domain is correctly pointing to Tumbler. Tumblr DNS sometimes take upto 24 hours to update so please be patient! Your new tumbler url will be fully functional in 24 hours.

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