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How to manage space in an Android device?

This is the question many of you might be looking for an answer to. If you do a Google search for “manage space in android” you will get thousands of search results including video tutorials and Google play apps.
People will advice you to download a third party software application to your mobile. There are thousands of nice applications on play store that you can install to manage space on your phone. Yes that works but I will give you a different solution to manipulate your device memory.
In this post I going to share a workaround that will work even without downloading a third party application. You will be able to manually increase memory in your device.

Remove temp and cached files manually.

You can manage you device space by deleting temp and cached files. Third party application like Android cleaner deletes those files on your device to manage space and boost your phone. You do not need an application to do that just follow the following steps :

Go to your phone settings -> storage -> cached data .
Android cached data

As you can see in the screenshot above my phone has 432 MB cached data. This data is stored by running applications like chrome , Facebook and others. This data is useless you can click on the cached data option to clear it.

This will also boost the performance of your device. Google chrome browser sometimes returns an error when Uploading a file not enough memory . You can solve this by clearing your device cache.

If you do not want to manually manage your device memory , you can download an application from play store that will automatically clean up your device space .

The following are the applications you can install on your device.

Android cleaner applications

  • Clean Master is a 100% working android cleaner trusted by 1B+ users. You can install this application on your device to manage space and boost your device performance .
    Android cleaner
  • Super phone cleaner is another nice android cleaner and antivirus protection app.
    Android cleaner 2
  • phone cleaner

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