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Freenom domains

Freenom is a free and paid domain provider based in Netherland. Freenom provides cf , tk , ml and gq TLDs for free with a validity of 1 year per domain and and an option to renew . Which means you can regester a domain for free on freenom for 1 year and when this 1 year time period finshes you can renew the same domain for another one year. Like other domain hosting providers, freenom has a domain cpanel with domain management tools like forwording , DNS etc..

Is a freenom domain good for SEO?

Domain seo
When it comes to SEO , I dont think there is much of a difference between popular domain TLDs and freenom TLDs. What makes the difference is your website content.
If your website has good quality contents then chances are that your domain can rank higher in the search results no matter what extension your domain uses your website will always appear at the top of the search results.
I personally have used a couple of freenom domains for my blog and about me pages in the past these domain ranked well. So in summery it’s not domain extension it’s page content that makes a huge impact in SEO. But there are some disadvantages of using free domains . Read bellow.

Avoid using free domains


If you creating a website or blog for earning money from it by placing ads or using affiliate programs then a free domain is not a good option for you. You must avoid it and rather use a paid domain registered on a trusted host

Why not a free domain?

Free domains registered on freenom or others registers are not permanently yours. Those registers can take the domain away from you when it becomes popular. They can sell your domain name to others without even notifying you. When you register a domain on FreeNom you become a manager of the domain until the expiration time of the domain but not a legal owner of that domain. FreeNom can sell your domain to others even before its expiration time.

So avoid using freenom domains if you are planning to start a website or blog for a long term and earning purposes. Instead choose a paid domain that suits your website contents.
There are a lot of popular domain hosting providers like Godaddy , Hostinger , bluehost , wordpress where you can regester a paid domain. the benefit of buying a domain is that it is yours and you are the legal owner untill the domain validity.

Thank you for reading.! If you have any questions or suggestions about this post please feel free to comment below.

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