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How to buy 3patti chips online using Rupay card/netbanking and PayTm?

This is a question I am being asked more and more often so I will give you a quick overview of it and how you can easily buy online chips on your 3patti game account.

What is 3patti?

3pattti is a popular online card game in India and in many other countries. 3patti can be downloaded from googleplay store for android OS devices .Alot of people play it and enjoy it as it is one of the best online game to pass time .I have seen many users who want to buy chips online but they don’t succeed due to the payment methods provided on the app. If you are also one of those then this post is for you. I will explain you all the process of buying chips and the payment process . Just keep reading..

How to buy 3pattiGold chips?

To buy chips , go to your 3patti app and click on the buy now option on the left top of your screen. Buying chips on the app is really hard I know many of you might have tried that but failed.
The reason why many people fail to buy chips on the app is because they use Rupay Debit/credit card which isn’t supported on the app. 3pattiGold uses Gpay as their default payment gateway on the app so the payment they receive goes to them through the Google pay payment platform. Gpay payment platform only accepts international cards like Visa , MasterCard , Amex etc.. so if you have any of the mentioned cards then you can buy chips on the App version otherwise you can try the alternative method which is simple all you need to do is go to 3patti gold web and sign in with your account.

TeenPattiGold web version

To buy chips on the 3pattiGold web , go to https://teenpattigold.com and login with Facebook to access your account. Once you login you will see your 3patti account information and methods to buy chips on your screen something like the following :
[Screenshot taken from my 3pattiGold web account]

Buy 3 Patti cash online

The first option 10,000 collect is really cool. If you press this you will get 10k instant bonus chips. You get bonus chips on the web version everyday .
The second option let’s you buy chips using two different payment methods. Netbanking and Debit/Credit card. So you can either use your netbanking account or debit card to buy chips .
The third option mobile pay allows you to buy chips using your recharge credit. This option currently only works on Vodafone and idea .
The fourth and the last available options on teenpattiGold is really interesting as it lets you buy chips using your PayTm account. You click on the option , you see a pop asking for your PayTm mobile number , you type your number and press the submit button and the magic happens. Isn’t it cool? .

I hope this article helped you learn how to buy chips for your 3patti game account using multiple payment options. If you still have questions or something that I missed here , please post a comment below.
Thanks for reading.

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