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Welcome back to amitoverflow blog. In our today’s post we will cover top three free webhosting websites with PHP and cpanel.
You might have searched the web for free webhosting and found multiple websites that offer free hosting but you are confused what webhost to choose?. I was in the same situation as you when I was looking for a free webhost to host my hobby projects files. I used multiple webhosting websites and kept changing from one webhost to another just to check which one was perfect for me. There are hundreds of free and low cost webhosting websites on the web. If you cant afford to pay hosting charges you can use a free hosting plan for your site and blog. So now lets begin :

Top ranked freewebhosting providers

  1. 000webhost
  2. freewha
  3. byet.host

000webhost is a free webhosting provider based in the US and has been providing free hosting since 2007. 000webhost is also a top ranked website in google search for “free webhosting” keyword.
000webhost provider a free subdomain and php hosting with cpanel and 1000MB web space. So as a member of this webhosting, you get the following free features:

Not just that , 000webhosting also has other usefull features that makes the hosting service popular. I am listing a few bellow :

A free subdomain you will get [email protected] free subdomain for hosting your website. You can also change this website address to your own domain using the “Point domain” option on their cpanel.
Latest version of apache server 000webhost uses Apache 2.4 server which is the new version of apache server and supports PHP 7 .
htaccess : you can use htaccess to rewrite or manipulate your website urls. This setting is enabled on all popular free webhosting websites.
Learn to code guide : If you know nothing about coding , you can follow the tutorial on your 000webhost cpanel . This is a simple and easy to follow guide with 100s of awesome coding tutorials .

Creating an account on 000webhost is as easy as 123 . All you need is a valid email address. They use your email address to verify your account and send you account related emails.

2) freewha

freewha.com is a another free webhosting site on the web. It is one of my favorite webhosts because it provides free webhosting with multiple free subdomains extensions like .freevar.com , .eu5.org etc.. you can choose the domain extension of your choice. Unlike 000webhost , freewha gives you a unique ftp address which looks something like ftp.you.freevar.com or ftp.yourdomain.com if you are hosting your own domain. Freewha is free and paid webhosting since 2005 . One of the unique features that I like the most on this host is “easy account setup” . Your account and all hosting features become active within few secons of the account registration. This webhost provides the following free features :

additional features :

Daily backup : your account and data is backed up daily.
1500MB disk space : You get 1.5GB memory which is good for a small website.
Unmetered bandwidth : there is no limit on how much bandwidth your website uses.
Apache 2.4 : the latest version of server and PHP 7.1 (You can’t change your php version on this hosting unless you upgrade for their paid hosting) .
Mysql database and htaccess : There are also other nice features that I have not mentioned here . Overall , this is a nice webhosting service and perfect for you if you are going to start a small website.


byet.host is a free and paid webhosting service and provides ad-free webhosting. If you are looking for a free webhost with no ads then this is perfect for you. Byet host provides cpanel with 100s of unique features. Although I haven’t used this hosting yet but read reviews and posts of other satisfied users who are using this host.

Foot note :

Freewebhosting is primarily meant for learning and saving hobby projects files on the web. You should avoid hosting your domain on a freewebhosting service if your website is growing and receives a huge amount of traffic . Due to the limited bandwidth and space (a freewebhosting service provides) you can loose your site visiters and seo rank.
Upgrade to a paid hosting.

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