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PayPal is one of the most trusted international payment gateway. Today about 80℅ international transactions are done on PayPal. In India, if you have a PayPal account you can use it to receive/send payments to more tgen 200 countries other then India. Actually the main problem that most of the PayPal users in India face is Adding Debit card .
PayPal in India only supports Debit card of international brands such as Visa , MasterCard , Amex etc . Domestic cards like Rupay arent supported.

Guys , in this post I am sharing my own experience of making my first successful payment through PayPal. I created my PayPal account in 2014 and for me it took about 2 months to fully understand the system. I did many online tutorial to reach the final destination. When I created my account I had a Visa debit card of UCO Bank which got rejected twice on PayPal then someone advised me to Open bank account in SBI and ask for the Debit card of MasterCard brand.
I opened my bank account in SBI and received a MasterCard. Finally this did the trick and I successfully made my first payment to my web host in the US.

SBI master card

To add Debit card to PayPal payment method first of you need to make sure your card is activated for international transaction. By default all banks provide debit/credit cards with domestic uses only . You can call your bank or use their IVR/ATM/online banking method to turn on the international transaction on your card.
In my case , I turned it on using online banking. This only takes a minute and your card gets ready to be used on international payment platforms.
When you add a card to PayPal , you card get charged for 1USD they do it to verify your card and once your card get verified you get the 1USD back in your account. It is not guaranted that your card will work fine for PayPal transaction even after successfully adding your card. Sometimes you will get an error like “Payment was denied by your card issuer” while making your payment through PayPal. There are a few things that can prevent your PayPal transaction.
If you are getting the above mentioned error during your check out process on PayPal then it’s sure that your bank is not allowing the payment. The reason might be that your bank account balance is low. I was also getting the same error and I talked to PayPal and my bank they told me that Your balance is not good . Actually , my account balance was bellow 1k and the PayPal transaction I was doing was 700INRs . My bank prevented the transaction for some security reasons . Banks do not allow PayPal international transaction if your card balance is bellow 1k. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.

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